Happy Birthday Steve!

It is the day of  your 25th birthday and I ponder how we got here how time passes so quickly.  I have said it once and I will say it again you will always be my little boy no matter how old you are.

You were my second born and last and although I thought I had the parenting thing figured out the second time around came with new challenges and amazement’s.

I take time to share with you my insight on the amazing young man you truly are by sharing 25 things that your dad and I love about you.

1.   Gentle Spirit

From the day you were born you had a gently spirit to you.  Although your entry into the world was hard and even quite scary for your dad and I you rarely gave a peep.  Quite content to what was given to you and never asking for much more.

Steve Bday 25 2

2.   Easily entertained

Maybe it was because you were the second child but your never needed much of our attention content to sit and play with cars, dinosaurs and blocks much different from your older sister.

Steve Bday 25 1

3.  Enjoys the simple things

You were and still are  pretty easy to please not asking for much and happy with the simple things.  Never wanting for things just to have them but focusing on the the things that truly mattered to you.

4.  Sensitive

It was apparent from a very young age what a sensitive person you were.  I recall  times being told that  you cried in school worried that you may have hurt some ones feelings. It was a good day when the teacher reported that you did not cried in class that day.

5.  Kind

With your sensitivity came kindness.  You cried because you cared for others a wonderful trait to have for a man.

6.  Love of condiments or the lack off

We often joked that you were much like your grandfathers when it came to your food choices.  But you sure have grown in that area since a little boy but not so  sure about the condiments.

7.  Sense of humor
Your dad and I tried to fill our home with laughter. The sense of humor you have comes through both your dad and I. Laughter is always the best medicine.

Steve Bday 25 3

8. Committed

Although you are quiet and reserved, your true character was revealed  when you found a sport you truly loved.  You committed to the task of doing the work and it showed by being moved up to the varsity team your sophomore year and going on to play college football.  It was an honor for your father and myself to witness it.

steve football

9.  Love of cooking
I tried to always provide your sister and you with home made meals at home and always a homemade birthday cake. It gives me great joy to see your love of cooking.

10.  Our time together in the kitchen
I love when you come home and we spend time together in the kitchen.  There is just some thing about spending time with you making a meal that brings me such joy.

11.  Intelligent
Your dedication to your studies in college while playing football at the same time  gave your dad and I great joy and reminded us of how intelligent you are.

steve graduation

12.  Eager to learn new things

Your dad and I read  bed time stories every night when you were a child. Although you are not as much of a reader as your sister I think you are still eager to learn new ideas and things and I would like to think that came from us instilling the reading of stories to you as a child.

13.  Hugs

I can still remember the days when those little arms wrapped around my neck to give me a hug. Although your arms are much bigger now the feeling that is in my heart is the same.


14.  Ability to work toward goals

Both your dad and I wondered how you would manage without us when we dropped you off at college but we were truly amazed that you left a boy and came back a man.  Your ability to work toward goals is amazing.  Never underestimate the things that you can and have achieved.

15.  Responsible

Some may say a rule follower and you may or may have not gotten that from your mom.  But taking ownership of what is required is a honorable trait which not everyone has.  Doing what is right not always what is easy.

16.  Mind of your own

You have always been your own person and I am hoping your dad and I had  some part  in that but in a world where conforming is encouraged it is refreshing to know that you have embrace who you are and what you believe.

17. Frugal

Some may say cheap ( right Calli?)  In a world where we are told to consume, consume it is refreshing to see that material things are not always the most important things.

18.  Phone calls to stay connected

With the distance we have from you, your dad and I are touch that you take the time out of your life a few times a month to touch base and stay connected.  It is a phone call we are always eager to receive.

19.  Willing to accept new ideas

You are always willing to try the foods that your dad and I now eat when you are home to visit.  Some thing I have to say that you have far outdone  your grandfather on.

20. Staying connected to people that matter

You were always pretty selective on the people you had in your life but those were the people that matter to you most and still do.  It is nice that you have stayed connected with the guys that stood by you on all those hard long college football practices.



21.  Overcome obstacles ​​
Life is not always easy and often times things must be sacrificed in order to do the things you need to do but don’t necessary want to do. You have shown this by your discipline to pay off you student loan early  where most struggle just to pay the minimum.

22.  Contentment

Your ability to be content with what is gives a sense of peace to people around you.

23.  Handsome

It was evident you were a good looking boy when you got runner up in a baby contest and you only have gotten more handsome as you have grown up.

Steve Bday 25

24.    Eager to keep learning.

Going back to pursue your masters degree and learning to become a football referee.  It makes us proud to see that you are continuously seeking greater knowledge.

25.    You are a showcase of the love, support and guidance your dad and I have given you the past 25 years and we could not be more proud.

We love you Steve for all that you are and all that you will become!








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